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Outdoor and Indoor air quality in the UK - Examination of air intake and extract filter samples from specific locations within determined usage dates to extrapolate precise results as to the air quality at any one time in any one given location.



Passivhaus is the worlds leading standard of construction to reduce active energy demands by 90%. It is Legislation in many cities and administrative districts - a comprehensive list of whom is available in this link

In the UK, councils are moving towards zero carbon strategies and announcing climate emergencies. For some time the Passivhaus Trust and architects such as myself in roles as Certified Passivhaus Designers have been promoting the awareness, health, energy and economic benefits of constructing to this standard.  Over 65,000 buildings have been constructed to this standard worldwide and we have an ever expanding database of UK buildings -

We are on the cusp of a wave of acceptance and regulation of Passivhaus and it’s associated retrofit standard, EnerPHit.


Every Passivhaus, whether commercial, communal or residential has an MVHR - Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system. This is to facilitate sufficient fresh air and enable heat recovery as airtightness is critical to energy conservation and comfort. These MVHR units run with an air intake filter to F7 and extract filter to G3. A description of filter grades can be found through this link :-

The filters ensure provision of constant supplies of fresh CLEAN air, with external pollutants removed.


The filters are changed with a frequency of anything from 90 days to annually. On setting up a volunteer database, with the assistance of GBS (Green Building Store) we have to date acquired 34 volunteers in various national locations. We intend for this number to grow as the profile and marketing is increased.







To establish existing air quality and monitor future trending of air quality nationally.


“Air pollution is the top environmental risk to human health in the UK, and the fourth greatest threat to public health after cancer, heart disease and obesity. “  - Clean Air Strategy 2019 foreword from the Secretary of State


The intake and extract filters installed with MVHR by private and commercial clients are a free resource, available through ever expanding volunteer participation on this programme.


The resulting data provides a real life mapping of pollution within air in the UK and can offer sound justification for action to improve air quality in accordance with the Clean Air Strategy 2019.


The findings from this analysis expand on current investigations established through meteorological data and may lead to new ways of understanding how to tackle improvements in air quality. The study may reveal air quality issues that have not yet been addressed, in terms of localised immediate environment emissions and particulate from industrial, vehicular and commercial influence as well as that from solvents, volatile compounds and chemicals in agriculture. It may also offer a greater understanding of seasonal variation for airborne respiratory irritation.


The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP stated that “ We have an opportunity to set world leading standards on everything from marine conservation to clean air strategies, and to set a gold standard for environmental protection. We will be able to set out a new direction for our environment based on rigorous scientific research and underpinned by the legal principles that have done so much to improve our environment in the past. “ On writing to him about this research project I received a reply from Karen Nicolaysen , Ministerial Contact Unit that “ - it is encouraging to read of your interest in this area. The government welcomes innovations that help the environment……..the government incentivises business-led innovation through Innovate UK.


The findings of this study, over long time periods of many years can facilitate the pursuit of action to rectify air quality issues and in turn, demonstrate success of such actions.



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